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WAOOW Comics launches its FACTORY Service : the all-inclusive mobile comics service

by Patrick Bissinger | Jul 13, 2019 | No Comments

It's been in our garage since several months, it's now official and we are so happy to share the news with you !

Besides our user & marketplace direct sale based WAOOW platform enabling any creator to download our story telling technology for enhanced comics or content mobile creation, publishing, selling & enhanced reading, we have been noticing some of you out there are in need for a ready-made content creation service. Not only is it a fair request but it's a smart one.

So we have prepared the WAOOW Factory service. What is it? It's simple : you create your project, your pages, your synopsis and props, and you contact us via a simple upload service to ask us to do it for you.

No we don't want you to send us all your pages and you don't know who will be doing what with your loved pages of hard work. you send us a sample and we study it on this basis. WAOOW comics is copyright free, your work remains yours and before any document is sent, you anyway will have to go as usual through our Terms & Conditions of the service via standard user registration.

Our FACTORY Team will study whatever sample pages you upload to us and estimate the work level to do it and come back to you with a customized reply. Either we consider it as something we need to produce in partnership for you, or we provide you a service fee for the work. And oh yes, WAOOW Comics is working on flat rate basis, with 3 simple rates depending on your graphical complexity. Nothing new there.

We look forward to receive all your ideas and creative project into our mail box!
Have a great summer!

The WAOOW Factory team.