The 3D environment

The MoComics Authoring Tool is a 3D environment edition software, working in the X, Y and Z axis – Z being the depth axis. When You create a scene, you actually place each elements of your scene, on separate layers, spread along the 3 axis. This is the reason why, each elements of your scene composition should have a alpha-transparency channel.

The camera and the story telling

As you are in a 3D environment, You have a camera – acting pretty much like a real camera – to scenarise and visualise your scene along a virtual path. Each steps of the camera may be a step of your story telling, from the beginning to the end of your scene . That’s the reason why, Mocomics Authoring Tool is a not a frame by frame tool but a scenery editor tool, and Your comics an immersive and interactive travel within your drawings and dialogues.