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Your Scene settings

The maximum format size of your framework for the scenes and layers is 2000 / 2000 pixels.

MCA suppport all prepared PNG files up to this size.

The iphone guideline

You may use the framework of the iphone 6,7,8 screen ratio to help you build your composition and start your story telling more easily (See the next slide).

Note that you can also consider create and tell your story in portrait mode.

Framing and story telling

Build your scene and tell your story with the smartphone frame ratio and orientation in mind.

The Z Depth principle

The Swamp Khong Episode 1 – Scene 1 ( introduction scene) has over 20 layers. Each of them is positioned in the framework with a visual and logical “depth” position – to compose the scene – in a bottom up order. z01 (background) is the farthest from our point of view and z17 the closest (in the scene below).

The smart export

Some of your elements of composition may look like this one or may be even more distant in position – one element in left bottom side and the other one in top right side of the frame, but both on same plan.

In this case a smart way to optimize the exported files is to divide the element in two parts and two layers, a & b, like in the example below and beside.

Name Your layers

Each layer’s name finishes with a “z” and a number.

This special naming automatically position your exported PNGs files in the Z (or depth) plan of your scene in MCA.

Export layers into PNG files

According to the software your are using to create your art, the way to export your layers in PNG may vary.

Photoshop software has a dedicated menu action for this purpose.

The “Export > Layer To Files…” menu action

Export settings

1. browse and select your destination folder
2. Prefix name: You may leave it empty… (or not depending on the lenght of file name you want…)
3. Proceed as on the screenshot: the mandatory selection are PNG-24, Transparency and Trim Layers to optimize image weight.
4. Run the export

Export result example

Here is an overview result of all the layers of the scene 1 exported in PNGs.
You can download the zipped Folder in the Download section of the website.